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Tips When Calling Bio-One

Why Should You Call
Professionals for Help?

When the unexpected happens, you may not know the best path forward, and find yourself wondering:

Should you clean the biohazards yourself? Who even does this type of cleaning? Are there risks involved?

The answer is simple: call a professional biohazard remediation team for help.
When calling a professional biohazard cleaning service like Bio-One, you can:

Prevent further trauma
Avoid spreading bloodborne pathogens
Ensure the remediation is completed safely
Expect the job to be done right
Receive help filing an insurance claim
When loved ones or neighbors try to clean up the scene, they are doing it with the best of intentions. But they could also experience emotional trauma from the clean up.
The three most common diseases spread through blood are HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. If the person cleaning the scene isn’t properly protected, they could accidentally become infected and not realize it.
Hazardous cleaning requires specialized training, protective equipment, and adherence to OSHA regulations.
Bio-One uses powerful proprietary chemicals and processes and we have the experience to efficiently and thoroughly remediate any location.
Homeowners insurance often covers biohazard remediation. The Bio-One billing team can assist filing and submitting homeowner's insurance claims. If homeowners insurance is available, Bio-One will ask for the following information to begin the claim process:

Name of the insured

The name of the individual on the insurance policy.

Insurance carrier

Business name of the insurance provider.

Policy number

The insurance policy number.

Date of loss

This is the date when the event that caused the damage or loss occurred.

Tips When Calling Bio-One - Trauma Scene Cleaning

Bio-One teams across the U.S. are ready to answer the call 24/7/365. To ensure the best service possible, be prepared to answer the following questions that may be asked:
Has law enforcement released the scene?
If you are calling on behalf of a friend or a loved one, do you have the authority to grant consent to do the work?
Are you the property owner or do you rent?
If renting, a renter only has authority over personal items. Do you have contact information for the property owner?
Do you have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance?
Is there anything you want us to find or save for you?
Are there animals on the property? If yes, do you have a way to secure them or safely remove them from the property?
What is the best way for our team to access the home?
Would you prefer to sign our work order in person or electronically?
Are utilities, such as water and electricity, working?
Where is the best place to park?
Call 24/7: 385-310-5102
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Gavin Coffin, Ogden, 2024
I am so grateful for the team at BioOne. They treated my family with so much patience and understanding during a difficult time. Their level of professionalism is unmatched in today’s often rushed and impersonal society. BioOne communicated very clearly and earnestly what the job would involve. They sent in a team, to do the job, that was efficient and thorough. I strongly urge you to use this company if you or your family are in need of a crew that will be sensitive and dedicated to a cleanup under special or difficult circumstances.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Kelly Ashley, Ogden, 2024
I chose Bio One from the 4 companies I'd short listed. Before I made a decision I went online to learn what biohazard is, types of clean up, certifications, BBB ratings & reviews. Chad was my initial contact by phone. He was courteous, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I told him my son had died unexpectedly. I can tell you I made a good decision using this company. Chad and his team of two young women arrived at the appointed time. It took approximately 4 hours for them to complete the job. Chad explained what they had done and what to expect when I went in the house. They did a fantastic job. The following week I had a couple of questions and spoke with Joe Dussol, the owner of Bio One. He answered my questions in easy to understand terms. Finally, I want to tell anyone needing this service for the same reason I did that you will be treated with genuine compassion. It really made the process "easier" while dealing with the shock and devastation of the loss.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Jamie Soderquist, Ogden, 2023
Chad and his team were so helpful with getting our basement cleaned and sanitized. They were great with moving the things I couldn’t lift. This project has been ongoing and became overwhelming for me. The attention to the delicate nature of needing this kind of service was very caring and kind. They removed the shame around the situation and I was able to relax. It looks great and as far as I can tell it’s odorless. They went above and beyond. They were great people to work with. I highly recommend them.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Havoq Luscivia, Ogden, 2023
Compassionate, informative, honest, and direct to the point. Much appreciated.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Tim Magaw, Ogden, 2023
I had to use Bio-one for a cleanup and I was extremely happy with them. From the first call, Chad explained everything and answered all questions, and was able to schedule and take care of the clean up very soon,even on a weekend. They where very professional and respectful and he explained everything and made me aware of what they needed to do. Highly recommend if you need to use their services. Thank you Chad and Joe.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Niki Davis, MD, Ogden, 2023
Highly recommend! Very professional, honest, and fair.

Bio-One is here for you. The scenes we remediate can be overwhelming and dangerous. We are trained, experienced, and here for you. Contact us anytime, day or night.